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Delia Ltd was created in 1988 and specializes in Audio-Guide Services in Russian Museums.

We provide tours in multiple languages for art galleries, museums and historic sites in Russia. We can provide visitors with audio, visual or text information in their own language and allow them to co-create a customized museum experience.
In 2001 Delia Ltd became official Russian distributor for Espro Information Technologies Ltd ( -one of the worldwide leaders in this business.
In April 2005 Espro acquired Acoustiguide Corporation, a worldwide audio guiding business serving more than 150 museums, visitor centres and tourist attractions in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan, China and Australia. This created The Espro Acoustiguide Group - the world's largest quoted audio guiding group for museums and other institutions.
This company's equipment works in such great museums as the National Gallery of Art (Washington DC), Museum of Modern Art(New York), National Portrait Gallery (London), Musee d'Orsay(Paris), Musee Rodin (Paris), Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna), Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts (Brusselles) etc.

Delia Ltd installed and now maintains ESPRO equipment in Russia's largest museums including the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), Tretiakov Gallery (Moscow) and others.




21.12.2017 Аудиогид на двух языках по выставке "Народное искусство Нижегородского края", открывшейся в корпусе Бенуа Русского музея.

21.12.2017 Аудиогид на 2-х языках по выставке "Генрих Семирадский и колония русских художников в Риме", открывшейся в корпусе Бенуа Русского музея. Автор текста - Елена Станкевич.

01.12.2017 Выставка "Передвижники и импрессионисты. На пути в ХХ век" открылась в ГМИИ им.А.С.Пушкина. Автор текста для аудиогида - Наталья Кортунова.

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